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Kimberly P. Yow

Kimberly P. Yow

Hi there! I'm Kimberly Yow, a passionate journalist with a deep love for alternative rock. Combining my two passions, I've found my dream job. Join me on this exciting journey as I explore the world of journalism and rock music.

Grace Graber Releases New Song with Peabod

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Grace Graber is inviting listeners to live their lives to the fullest with her inspiring new song, “No Regrets.” The song is the latest from her upcoming album The Breakthrough, and is available to stream here.

For Grace, the song is a challenge to herself as much as anyone, a reminder to reassess her priorities whenever she notices the hustle culture inherent in the music industry threatening to take over her life.

“Many times, people will spend their whole life working for something, only to get to the end of their life and go, ‘I wish I would’ve spent more time with my family. I wish I would’ve spent more time prioritizing the things that matter my spiritual health, my mental health,’ the things I too often sacrifice for personal or career gain,” Grace reflects. “The song is a big check myself. It’s[…]

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