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Kimberly P. Yow

Kimberly P. Yow

Hi there! I'm Kimberly Yow, a passionate journalist with a deep love for alternative rock. Combining my two passions, I've found my dream job. Join me on this exciting journey as I explore the world of journalism and rock music.

Lyric Update Cody Carnes Makes Bold Theological Correction

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Cody Carnes, a well-known worship artist recognized for his powerful and theologically rich songs, recently took to Instagram to share a significant update regarding one of his tracks. Carnes, who has a reputation for meticulous attention to the spiritual integrity of his lyrics, opened up about a mistake he discovered in the song “Who Is This Man” after its release in 2023 on his Firm Foundation (Live) album.

In his heartfelt post, Carnes expressed his dismay upon realizing that a line in the second verse of “Who Is This Man” was theologically incorrect. The original lyric, “who left the keys of sickness and death lying in His grave,” inaccurately reflected the biblical message. Carnes clarified that according to Revelation 118, Jesus holds the keys of death and Hades, not that He left them behind. This realization, which came too late for the[…]

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